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Discover Japan is the insider's guide to Japan.
Published since 2008 in Japanese, the magazine is now available
in English as a redesigned, easy-to-read digital issue
that is packed with stories on Japanese culture,
food, travel, design and much more.
We hope this will soon become your preferred guide
to a previously unexplored side of Japan.

Chief Contributing Editor
Jens H. Jensen

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DESIGNING OUT Vol.2 ISHIKAWA WAJIMA Kengo Kuma Designs Wajima-Nuri, to Completion

The Designing Out project aims to rediscover the unique appeal of each region through cutting-edge creations. In this issue, we delve into the details of a project to develop local products in collaboration with the internationally renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.23

    Vol.23 Winter Onsen

    -Hot spring getaway

    When it gets cooler, Japan's plentiful onsen resorts offer the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than soaking in a natural hot spring al fresco and following it up with a carefully prepared meal at a lovely ryokan? We think so too.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.22

    Vol.22 Elegant Crafts

    -Fine artisan products

    We return to the extraordinary world of Japanese handcrafted products for our 22nd issue. With the help of local specialists, we look at beautifully crafted items for daily and a little special use that are sure to delight and enrich your daily routine.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.21

    Vol.21 Marvellous Museums

    -Both inside and out

    A thorough look at the many wonderful museums to be enjoyed throughout Japan with a detailed background on the history of Japanese museums, our guide to unique Japanese museum architecture and an exclusive interview with Architect Kengo Kuma on his latest V & A Dundee museum in Scotland.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.20

    Vol.20 Hidden Sanctuaries

    -Escape the crowds

    Discover Japan is the insider's guide to Japan. Published since 2008, we are excited to be able to bring you an English issue packed with stories on Japanese culture, food, travel, design and much more. Redesigned in a digital format, we hope this will become your preferred guide to Discover Japan.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.19

    Vol.19 Vacation Stays Unique Lodgings

    -Where to stay in Vacation

    We check in to some of Japan's most unique lodgings as we travel from the tastefully restored storehouse Marugayatsu in Chiba to a former Samurai villa in Miyazaki with a few stops along the way.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.18

    Vol.18 Craft Beer

    Local craft breweries and small brewpubs are popping up all over Japan. There's never been a more fun time to sample the nations many different beers and this is your personal guide to the best of the lot. In this issue we look at the best places to sample beer in Tokyo and take on a guided tour of four of the best (smaller) breweries the countries has to offer. Enjoy!

  • Discovor Japan Vol.17

    vol.17 Bottoms up!

    —How to get pleasantly tipsy.

    We go beyond sake as we look at the booming Japanese craft gins and the increasingly developing Japanese wine market. We also visit a unique sake brewer that not only is serious about the brewing process, but also grows its own rice to guarantee a truly exceptional experience. Cheers!

  • Discovor Japan Vol.16

    vol.16 Experience Japan

    –Unique things to do. Extraordinary views to see.

    In our 16th issue we travel in style as we take a look at some of the fabulous Japanese “cruise trains” and the newly launched Guntsû cruise liner. We also take you on a trip to enjoy local wine and cheese in Hokkaido, and the second feature of restaurant critic Yumiko Inukai invites you to another of her favourite restaurants, this time in the beautiful Nara Park.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.15

    vol.15 Shokunin

    –Getting to know Japan's artisans

    We get up close and personal with some of Japan's young shokunin artisans continuing century old traditions with a modern flair. We have also changed the format of the magazine slightly to include a section of news from Japan and a new regular feature by restaurant critic Yumiko Inukai on where to eat on your next visit to Japan.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.14

    vol.14 Island Hopping

    –Visiting some of Japan’s hard-to-reach island sanctuaries

    Scattered around the four main islands of Japan lie more than 6,000 smaller islands. In this issue we invite you to visit some of our favourites, including the art island of Naoshima, the beautiful Goto Islands off the western coast of Kyushu and many, many more.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.13

    vol.13 Tokyo

    –A new look at this wonderful city

    A look at some of Tokyo's ever-changing neighbourhoods and our guide to some of the many speciality stores found in the city. We go deep into the fun and funky Yanesen area near Ueno and share our picks for a casual stroll in Kuramae, brimming with young entrepreneurs selling made-to-order notebooks, high quality tea and much more.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.12

    vol.12 Exquisitely Made

    –Fine Japanese products we love

    An almost obsessive attention to detail and unforgiving high quality standards are two reasons why Japanese products are in high demand around the globe. In this issue, we look at some of our favourites and give you the background and knowledge to appreciate and enjoy these exquisitely made products even more.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.11

    vol.11 Kyushu

    -Craft and leisure island

    Kyushu is Japan's third largest island and offers a wealth of unique travel, culinary and craft experiences. In this issue we look at Kagoshima’s thriving community of young craftsmen, guide you through the many different kinds of ceramics made here and invite you to stay at two of Japan's finest hot-spring resorts.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.10

    vol.10 Tea,Please.

    -From Sencha to Matcha

    Japanese tea offers a complex variety of scents and flavours that only a country steeped in tea tradition like Japan can claim. We look at the many varieties, how they are grown and blended, and give you a quick guide on how you should brew them to bring out their best.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.09

    vol.9 Castles of Japan

    ―Exploring the past

    LA visit to one of Japan's many old castles is like travelling back in time. We have picked the best of the lot and guide you through the histories of the castles, the architecture and the interior design features that make them truly amazing. A catalogue of unique castle sweets to enjoy is also included.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.08

    vol.8 Coffee

    ―How Japan gets its fix

    Like so many of life’s pleasures, the Japanese have perfected the humble cup of coffee to something more than just your morning fix. We give you the background and insights to sip and savour coffee at another level, with a complete guide of where to drink it in Tokyo and beyond.

  • Discovor Japan Vol.07

    vol.7 Tsukiji

    ―More than just a market

    With the planned moving of the world’s most vibrant wholesale fish market in November, now is the last chance to experience this one-of-a-kind place. We guide you through Tsukiji's narrow aisles and share our favourite shops and restaurants.

  • Vol.06

    vol.6 Zen

    ―It's all around you

    We take a closer look at Zen Buddhism, exploring design, art, cuisine and more. We also give you a glimpse into the life of a Zen monk, and visit a temple in Okayama that attracts disciples from around the globe.

  • Vol.05

    vol.5 Off the Beaten Path

    ―Our travel guide to another Japan

    Japan is so much more than Tokyo and Kyoto, its two most visited cities. While they merit the hype and hordes, in this issue we take you to other, less travelled destinations, and recommend the shops where you can get all your gear needs met.

  • Vol.04

    vol.4 Hot-Spring Surrender

    ―Immerse yourself

    Get ready to get pampered! In our fourth issue we explore the best of Japan’s hot springs and show you how to get the most out of your weekend getaway. Enjoy!

  • Vol.03

    vol.3 Made in Japan

    ―Craftsmanship and beyond

    Bringing you the best of Japan’s wonderful crafts and designs.

  • Vol.02

    vol.2 Sake

    ―The Spirit of Japan

    Everything you need to know to be able to pick out and enjoy sake at a whole new level.

  • Vol.01

    vol.1 Kyoto:Eating Out

    ―Our picks for the itinerant foodie

    Our first issue deals exclusively with the wonderful and varied food of Japan's ancient capital Kyoto.

  • Vol.06

    vol.6 Zen

    ―Il est partout autour de vous

    Nous partirons a la decouverte du bouddhisme Zen et de son influence sur le design, l’art, la cuisine et plus encore. Nous vous montrerons aussi ce que peut etre la vie d’un moine Zen, et nous vous emmenerons visiter un temple d’Okayama qui attire des disciples du monde entier.

  • Vol.05

    vol.5 Hors des sentiers battus

    ―Notre guide de voyage pour un autre Japon

    Il y a tellement plus a voir au Japon que les deux incontournables, Tokyo et Kyoto. Bien entendu, elles meritent toutes les louanges qu'on leur prodigue, mais dans ce numero, nous vous emmenerons voyager en des terres moins connues ou nous vous presenterons nos meilleures adresses.

  • Vol.04

    vol.4 Sources-chaudes a l’honneur


    Preparez-vous a vous faire dorloter ! Dans notre quatrieme numero, nous explorons les meilleures sources thermales du Japon, et nous vous montrons comment tirer le meilleur parti de votre week-end evasion. Profitez !

  • Vol.03

    vol.3 Made in Japan

    ―Artisanat et plus encore

    Nous avons deniche pour vous le meilleur de l'artisanat et du design au Japon.

  • Vol.02

    vol.2 Sake

    ―L'ame du Japon

    Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour etre en mesure de choisir et de profiter pleinement d'un sake.

  • Vol.01

    vol.1 Kyoto:Eating Out

    ―Nos choix pour le voyageur gourmand

    Notre premier numero traite exclusivement de la nourriture merveilleuse et variee de l'ancienne capitale Du Japon:"Kyoto".




    Where the past meets now


  • Tsuru no Yu

    A former samurais' lair in the mountains

    Tsuru no Yu

  • Hoshi Onsen Chojukan

    Steeped in authenticity

    Hoshi Onsen Chojukan

  • A world of pleasures

    A world of pleasures

    In Gokayama, Sleep In at a World Heritage Site

  • What Is It about Muji?

    furniture and household goods

    What Is It about Muji?

  • Made in Japan

    Thirty designs to enrich your life

    Made in Japan



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